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Welcome to the first installation of the Hippy Jim Blog! Hopefully this will be a place where music fans get a peak inside the life of a performing musician and fellow musicians can find food for thought and discussion pertaining to our chosen craft and business.

For those who don't already know me, I am Jim Sloan, aka Hippy Jim. I am a not so young but relatively new musician in Pensacola, Fl. Three years ago at the young age of 52, I made the decision to quit my day job and pursue music as an avenue of creative expression as well. as a means to earn a living. I perform as a both acoustic solo act and as part of the duo act called JJ's Revival. I/We do cover songs from a variety as well as a handful of my originals.

I am currently on track to perform over 250 shows in 2017. Every time I look at my calendar I am both humbled and amazed. The first two years of my musical journey I had to supplement my income by waiting tables. I actually enjoy working in the restaurant, and it gives me a chance to spend more time with my wife (that's where she works.) This year I haven't had a chance or need to wait tables!

As our tourist season winds down on the Gulf Coast, we musicians have to shift our focus and energy if we want to have a successful fall and winter season. For me part of that focus is figuring out how I've arrived to this point in my career and where do I go next. More importantly, I have to figure out how to get there! That's what has inspired me to start this blog. I hope to chronical my journey, express some thoughts and ideas, provide insight, and hopefully make some new friends!

That's it for now. Hope you stick with me on this journey. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment below and say Hello, ask a question, or make a suggestion! Check out and like my Facebook page when you get a chance!

Until next time - Keep on Livin' the Dream!!


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